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Southend & District Driving Instructors Association


Saddia News May 2016

Times & Motions on tests

Southend Test Centre has recently had the timing of tests and associated things being timed by the DVSA and a consultant group called Scott Grant. Many pupils have been surprised to find as many as 3 DVSA/Consulting staff in the car whilst they are on test which means if the instructor went as well is could be a bit of a squeeze. Mark Magee (Head of Training Services) said that permission from the pupil should be being sought for the additional people to join them on the test. The pupil does have the right to refuse the additional staff if they have good reason.


Basildon Pupil Crashed Out of Test

On Thursday the 22nd of January at the Basildon test centre as always a pupil was out on the 1st test of the day. Nothing unusual there I here you say and the 1st part of the test was going well until the pupil was asked to perform a manoeuvre. In this particular young ladies case it was the Turn In The Road, which has been dropped in the trials of the new test being run out of Basildon test centre from the 14th of April 2015. We have been informed that the pupil, using a BDA Driving School car, was performing her manoeuvre when she pressed the accelerator rather than the brake pedal which resulted in the car mounting the kerb and before the examiner could stop the vehicle, the car ended up in a very surprised residents garden, one wheel over the gravel board at the base of the fence and managed to damage the fence panel.


Learning to Drive

The Process of Learning To Drive

The process of getting a driving licence is fairly simple but you do need to avoid some pit falls. In short the process is:

  1. Get your provisional driving licence
  2. Taking your theory test
  3. Learning the art of driving
  4. Taking the practical test