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Southend & District Driving Instructors Association

Terms & Constitution

1. Name:-

The name of the association shall be…

Southend & District Driving Instructors Association

Hereinafter referred to as the “ASSOCIATION”

2. Aims:-
  • The “Association” seeks to advance the professionalism of driving tuition among its members.
  • The “Association” is for the benefit of its members.
  • The “Association” shall promote the responsibility for road safety.
  • The “Association” shall maintain the highest standard of driving tuition.
  • The “Association” shall endeavour to maintain a good working relationship with the Driving Standards Agency.
3. Powers:-

For the furtherance of the aims of the “Association” the elected committee may…

  • Make such payments as shall be necessary.
  • Fix and collect membership fees annually.
  • Refuse membership without being obliged to give a reason.
  • Revoke membership to any member who brings the “Association” or profession into disrepute without being obliged to give a reason.

4. Membership:-

  • Instructors wishing to become members must complete an application form available from the membership secretary.
    Membership is restricted to ADI’s, PDI’s and anyone who would further the aims of the “Association” subject to paragraph 3. Powers (c&d)
  • The Committee may recommend to a General Meeting the name of an individual for “honorary” membership of the “Association” in certain deserving cases e.g. for past services to the “Association.” Honorary members would not be required to pay annual fees and would have a vote at meetings.
  • To maintain continuity of membership, fees must be paid within one month of expiry.
5. General Meetings:-
  • An Annual General Meeting shall be held each year at which the annual report and audited accounts for the preceding year shall be presented and agreed.
  • A special general meeting may be called at the request of the Committee or one quarter of the membership.
  • A quorum for a general meeting shall be not less than 20% of the membership.
6. Committee:-
  • The Committee shall meet at least four times per year and is responsible for ensuring the “Association” complies with its aims and is properly managed.
  • The Committee shall consist of four officers…
    • Chairman
    • Vice Chairman
    • Treasurer
    • Secretary

Plus a maximum of eight elected members.

  • Sub-Committee members may be appointed at any time by any elected Committee member.
  • The officers and Committee shall hold office for three years and elections shall be held in April at the AGM tri-annually.
  • In the event of death or resignation of an elected Committee member the vacancy shall be filled by a member appointed by the Committee and this appointment shall be rectified at the next general meeting.
  • Elected Committee members each have one vote. In the event of a tie the Chairman has a second or casting vote. A quorum shall not be less than half the Committee, including two officers.
7. Finance:-
  • The Treasurer shall keep proper accounts of finances of the “Association” and present a statement of accounts to the Committee at any time at their request. Acceptance of these accounts by the Committee shall be recorded in the minutes.
  • All cheques shall be signed by any two of the four officers comprising, Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.
  • The “Association” shall be non-profit making.
  • The funds of the “Association” shall only be used for the purposes of the “Association” and no payment shall be made to any member except as repayment of expenses properly incurred on behalf of the “Association.

The amended Constitution was adopted at the Annual General Meeting held on the 13th of May 2003 and changed on the 29th of July 2010.