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Southend & District Driving Instructors Association

Saddia News May 2016

Times & Motions on tests

Southend Test Centre has recently had the timing of tests and associated things being timed by the DVSA and a consultant group called Scott Grant. Many pupils have been surprised to find as many as 3 DVSA/Consulting staff in the car whilst they are on test which means if the instructor went as well is could be a bit of a squeeze. Mark Magee (Head of Training Services) said that permission from the pupil should be being sought for the additional people to join them on the test. The pupil does have the right to refuse the additional staff if they have good reason.

In Car Cameras

The DVSA are going to writing and publishing a guide for driving instructors on the use of cameras on a test or lesson. Whilst cameras are allowed for the purposes of training and with the permission of the pupil cameras are allowed to be used but some instructors are abusing this privilege by publishing the film on social media without permission.  The Registrar is being proactive in this area and will take action against driving instructors as it not compliant with Fit and Proper conduct.

Examiner Assaults

There has been an increase of verbal and physical assaults on examiners recently from both candidates and driving instructors. The DVSA are there for implementing a zero tolerance approach to this and are encouraging examiners to go to the Police and so will remove ADi’s from the register. This includes online abuse via any media format.

Test Waiting Times

The DVSA have recently received a lot of negative feedback from ADi’s and the industry associations recently but this hasn’t seemed to make any impact until now. The DVSA have announced that they are changing the way they look for examiners and the process they currently use for training. This should hopefully increase the amount of examiners over the coming period. The DVSA have stated that they are looking to increase the amount of examiners by 100% over 206/2017.

Let’s see if this is yet another smoke filled promise from the DVSA or whether they do actually do something.

ADi Part 3 Testing

The DVSA are currently talking to the ORDIT trainers about the proposed changes which are to make the 2 phased test on pre-set tests changed to a more Standards Check style test.  National Assocs. Have called for a minimum amount of training to be evidenced by a logbook.