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Southend & District Driving Instructors Association

Traffic News

We have been advised of the following scheduled roadworks that will be taking place in and around the Southend area (Covid-19 permitting) . This is by no means a definitive list and we cannot account for any emergency repairs.

Colour Coding:

  • Red – Will have an impact causing traffic delays
  • Amber – May have an impact with delays sometimes possible
  • Green – Not likely to cause many problems or delays

Denton Approach, Southend: Southend Council highway works between 7th September 2020- 20th June 2021. Road Closures

Junction of Eastern Avenue/ Bournmouth Park road – Road & lane closure between 14th January – 16th April. Delays expected

Lifstan Way – Road works by UK Power Networks. Multi way traffic control 8th March-24th April 2020. Delays expected

Shaftsbury Avenue/Bryant Avenue – Road works by UK Power Networks, traffic light controlled 8th March – 24th April 2020. Delays possible

Highway works by Southend Council on Prince Avenue between Denton Approach and Suzuki Garage, between 4 January and 4 May – Lane Closure, Delays Likely

Highway works by Southend Council on Feeches Road, between 5 April and 28 May – Roadworks with Traffic control, delays possible

Highway works by Southend Council on Keith Way, between 5 April and 22 May – Roadworks with traffic control, delays possible

Shafstbury Avenue, Southend: 8th March – 24th April. UK Power Networks working with Traffic Control

Rawreth Lane/Hullbridge Road, 11th January – 18th June: Essex County Council road works being carried out – Some carriageway incursions

Highway works by Southend Council at Wimborne Rd, between 8 March and 16 April – Trafic Control, minimal delays expected